Meek Mill - Pain Away feat. Lil Durk [Official Video]

Meek Mill

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    Meek Mill - Pain Away feat. Lil Durk
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    1. Meek Mill

      QUARANTINE PACK! Leave a 💎💎💎

      1. Isaac Montague

        U got to really live dis to feel it. I felt dis 💯 💯

      2. BigSavv Thirty4


      3. Chris Velasquez

        💎 💎 💎 💎 💎 💎 this shit on reply. Damn man perfect timing ⏱

      4. Jason Mason 😂

      5. Maine x Gaming

        I like your your moive and music

    2. Emerson Defreitas

      0:11 - 0:15 straight grillin 🔥 🔥 🔥

    3. A J

      Damn. Prime example of racial injustice. This young black man just wants to be a rapper. All these whites are trying to put him down. He is a shining example as to why black people are oppressed in this country.

    4. Queen Hazel


    5. Queen Hazel


    6. Raymond Moore

      run that back meek mill 💸 💸 💸💸

    7. WorldHAX


    8. Shorty Boii

      Rip to all angels

    9. Shakina Frink


    10. YungNando

      Not a dirk or von fan but it’s different asf not seeing von beside lil durk

    11. Kristopher Deundra Smith Next hit!!

    12. Martha catoe

      Meek 😍😍🤩🤩

    13. Big Joe

      meek ain’t even cuss he just that good lyrically

    14. oce ovi

      6ix 9ine this 6ix 9ine that, rappers still rapping about this in 2020 🙄😳

      1. Big Bank

        nobody mentioned that rat wtf are you talking about

    15. benjin green

      🌱:cannabis advocates .. 💎:medical cannabis .. .....🔞🔞 ....:wickr:kushorder44 📸snap:@plug_walk7803

    16. thabo sekudu

      i think meek is the last rapper who has a message in his lyrics

    17. Nathaniel


    18. Elijah Jackson

      That's the hope call him the hope .he gave us all hope

    19. Money Man


    20. POP SMOKE


    21. Большой Бонг


    22. Julian Walker

      Man i done listen to this shit 10,000 times 😂 I know my neighbors like fuck that Shìt 😂

    23. Jahlier Williams best song of 2020🔥🤝❗

    24. Aye Silver

      When he said I hope this money take the pain away...I felt that

    25. Alavadiahu Shahliahu


    26. HBK Customs

      diamonds 💎 dancing 🕺🏽

    27. Leroy Grant

      We call him the hope he gave us all hope i felt that.

    28. latonya booker

      I'm smiling 😊

    29. latonya booker

      Y'all are so cute😍😍

    30. latonya booker

      I like this I love meek too😍😘

    31. latonya booker

      I love u Dirk 😍 my son growing up he love u 😍😘

    32. latonya booker

      I love this😍😘

    33. Grey O

      That's shit is 2020 I was here

    34. JayToSmoove

      Washing blood with bleach don’t wash stain away seen my brother dye he died stranger way😪 rip von and nuski

    35. KoOLKyLE21

      The beginning of the song sounds so much like another song I forgot the name of anyone know what that was?

    36. Frederic Reid


    37. Dgang Savae

      Meek look like Skinbone from Chicago

    38. Darlington Mohamadi

      The only man that I can relate with in the game

    39. E Hernandez

      I haven't heard it but the comments hot me feeling it's deep..✌️😎💙💪

    40. iHastyy

      “Why these niggas tryna ‘hang’ like they ain’t Lynching niggas” y’all sleep

    41. John Hooten

      Durk a 🐍

    42. Dahvine Productions


    43. AsorockvibesTV


    44. Khallid Khallid


      1. Pacino Official


    45. aNiggaVladsent toprison

      Felt this on some other shit ! The voice and the heart of the streets 💜💜protect these two man!!

      1. Pacino Official


      2. Pacino Official


    46. Genesis West

      i feel like a crip because i cant trust my blood

    47. Elliott Blair

      Wiping your face with money is some of the dirtiest shit I’ve ever seen

      1. Pacino Official


    48. BIG RED 🙏🏾

      1. BIG RED

        @Pacino Official Appreciate that!

      2. Pacino Official


    49. Calvinfromva 757

      He Doing This For Von 🅾️💯🕊️🗣️❗

      1. Pacino Official


    50. Classic Hits

      Hardest song of the year💯💭

      1. Pacino Official


    51. TOXIC_ASF

      Dude gross. I couldn’t imagine wiping my face with money

      1. TOXIC_ASF

        @Pacino Official I have many more awesome stories

      2. Pacino Official


    52. Ryan Florez


      1. Pacino Official


    53. Omarii〽 ¡¿

      I be forgetting meek mill used to shout out lil durk in every song

    54. LB Fresh



    56. Caspo

      Check it out

    57. Ker Loz

      My uncle just past and I dedicated this banger to him he was a true soldier in these trenches 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    58. e.t Films

      2020 done over

    59. Derrick Small

      Hot trash 🗑

    60. Lyrics & Meaning

      Lyrics & Meaning

    61. Hara-KiriFSUK

    62. Destiny Oseiwe

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    63. Googleisstupid Google

      Durkio so fine ....

    64. Mageba Zulu

      Slready a classic

    65. shinez


    66. JussApex JussApex

      Omg do u see da diamonds, look like mini stars 😂

    67. YRNASA AHA

      Notice how pain party away the yield Trinity-year-old trilogy trigger 🌕🌖🌒🪐🌸☄️✨

    68. Ka’ Mon

      “I praised the trenches like I ain’t lose nunna my niggaz in it”🤧🕊🙏🏽

    69. YRNASA AHA

      Pussy stay WeRescue wetness damoisture

    70. Alicity marines

      Weakest song ever

    71. Alicity marines

      Lil dick is next

    72. Mark7 Original


    73. XMONTANA

      One day ima make a song with Fivio Foreign and all the good drill talent

    74. YRNASA AHA

      Honey lie 🍯 🥥🦩🍏🌶🥕🥯🥩🧈🥚🍒lie cherry nutrition nutshells apple -pinch whispers kisses

    75. RunninFromTheK9

      Lil Durk preaching what my doctor claiming lol 😂

    76. Robert McClean


    77. NFL YoungBoy

      You a sacrifice basically he just signed you over to the Illuminati.

      1. Shawn E

        @Pacino Official just look up the song weirdo.

      2. Pacino Official

        @NFL YoungBoy send Link

      3. NFL YoungBoy

        @Pacino Official yhu heard that FBG Duck song I’m from 63rd?

      4. Pacino Official


    78. bofooit gojo

      "I feel like a crip cuz I can't even trust my blood" felt that 😒

      1. Pacino Official


    79. Don Dotta Music Co.

      1. Pacino Official


      2. bofooit gojo

        They really Shining Around The Neck area

    80. Shakur

      R.I.P King Von 😞

      1. Pacino Official


    81. Diavel Daniel

      How many of you agreed that #meek is the best rapper alive 🤔

      1. Pacino Official


    82. YRNASA AHA

      I can get a lamb hold . iOS update please spoil say what if life

    83. Ondrej Francis

      Thank God Meek made it rapping, brother is one of the most untalented rapper, my baddd entertainer...

      1. Pacino Official


    84. Asma Maxamed

      Meek text mi

      1. Pacino Official


    85. YRNASA AHA

      I don’t Mississippi on creators lifer

    86. YRNASA AHA

      Fly dice over hills. Yell Charlie at the Gates

    87. Sammy no cap

      1:38 thank me later😏

      1. Pacino Official


    88. ExA ExA


      1. Pacino Official


    89. Spark Plug

      No one: Nobody at all: Comment section: "I feel like a crip cause I can't even trust my blood"

      1. Steak Taco Beats

    90. Feez The Deal

      Shout out to the producer for going a different route with it, Meek and Durk for doing justice. 🙏


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    92. jarod phillips

      Durkio the only one who could pull that verse off.

    93. Block Boi Redd BlockBoiSociety 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    94. wayne archer

      They really Shining Around The Neck area

    95. Joseph Mair

      Meek n durk like diddy n made out here. They need to collab more!

    96. Eric Johnson

      Voice and meek unstoppable on king David king of all kings

    97. Kelvin Bwalya

      But does the money really take the pain away?? maybe for a moment.

    98. KyMeko House Ministry olive

      What' s wrong he got fame and everything lisa ,ray what else do you need meek. D.

    99. KyMeko House Ministry olive

      I sure hope it takes the pain ,away i pray you'll never reach back for the glock.

    100. goth angel

      Bet bet bet